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Ella’s Kitchen “Your Baby In The Ad” –
Your Little One in the TV Ad


Digital Creative Agency.


Develop a social media campaign to support the launch of Ella’s first ever TV Ad – the objectives being to create brand advocates and promote sharing of the TV Ad to increase its reach and exposure.


The basic insight was that babies are at the center of their parents universe who demonstrate this by sharing their parental experiences and love via social media.


Our concept was to create a Facebook App that allows parents to upload pictures of their babies to create a personalised version of the TV Ad and share on their Wall. The App uses technology that allows the user to upload their pictures and then re-encodes the video on the fly adding the baby pictures to cut a personlised edit of the original TV Ad.


Parents loved it. The campaign smashed the awareness, sharing and data capture KPI’s.


Social Media, Video Encoding, Viral Marketing.