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Eurosport Shell Eco-Marathon –
Sharing the excitement of the Shell Eco-Marathon


Digital Creative Agency.


Develop a campaign to activate the Shell Eco-Marathon on the Yahoo! Eurosport network.


Event hub streaming live content, news and social feeds from the event stages into the Yahoo! Eurosport platform to communicate and drive involvement in the Shell Eco-Marathon. The campaign was activated across 7 alternative markets with language variant sites featuring geo-targeted content such as Shell Eco-Marathon news and videos, social media feeds and Team Blog functionality allowing the participating teams to post team news stories live from the event. Team Blog functionality including moderation filters and an article publishing & content management tool (CMS). A suite of traffic driving digital ads including mobile banners, MPUs, Leaderboards, Gutters & Mastheads was produced to support the campaign.


High participation and engagement levels. Measured by teams posting live content from the various stages of the Shell Eco-Marathon, content engagement onsite (views & plays) and social participation.


Website, Responsive Design, Advertising, Social Media.