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Fisher & Paykel – Which Video –
Improving Consumer Perception


Digital Creative Agency.


Develop a campaign to re-establish trust and reputation in the laundry category for Fisher & Paykel following a negative Which? product review. Improve consumer perceptions of Fisher & Paykel’s washing machine category and the overall brand and encourage Which? to re-test the model.


Produce a focused campaign to address the specific concerns that the negative Which? review highlighted. Recruit a broad selection of ‘reviewers’ to perform specific tests to answer the ‘noise’ and’ clean’ issues. We did this with full product confidence as the product has met strict quality standards and received awards in particular for being extremely quiet. Tests to be filmed by the reviewers themselves (Real Product, Real Lives, Real People) and bookended with graphics and music in-keeping with the Fisher & Paykel brand. Campaign seeded across Fisher & Paykel ‘owned’ assets e.g. UK site, Facebook page, YouTube channel and supported with media across those platforms.


Recruitment of 6 households to test the Fisher & Paykel washing machine, all having an excellent product experiences and not experiencing the negative issues as highlighted by the Which? report. All successfully contributed video content to demonstrate their product experiences, highlighting the product performance and quality. The videos were then edited together as a montage and placed on Fisher & Paykel owned channels. The campaign was measured by reach and engagement – 230,000 targeted unique views in 10 days.


Digital Strategy, Social Media, Influencer, Video, Review Content.