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FT Northrop Grumman Adfeature –
Delivering an Important Security Message to the City


Digital Creative Agency.


Develop a campaign launched on to enable Northrop Grumman to communicate the organisation’s positioning and corporate messaging to the City, political and defense target audience groups.


Creation of a responsive designed adfeature using parallax scrolling to deliver a highly immersive experience for the user to engage with the video, article and social content. The campaign consisted of three bursts of content, refreshing and continuing the dialogue with the targeted FT user base. Our adfeature platform pulls in the wrapper so the header and footer navigation is consistent with the main site and serves any required advertising formats – in this case leaderboard and half page ads.


Delivery of a highly authoritative and content rich opinion piece to firmly position Northrop Grumman. Measured by content views (volume and duration), video plays and CTR’s.


Website, Responsive Design, Advertising, Content Marketing.