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Develop a social media strategy to drive awareness and consideration of the Jabra Stereo range.


Creation of the Jabra Your Opinion Counts activity, devised to create a digital footprint of product reviews to influence consumer brand and product consideration to ultimately stimulate purchase of Jabra music products. To achieve this we targeted ‘real people’ using social media based on their demographic profile, music interest and social influence and asked them to join the handpicked Jabra review team. Once the network of reviewers was established in three lead markets, products were dispatched for review based on a set methodology geared against product USP’s. These reviews were then syndicated across social media, retailer sites and to help consumers make up their mind and purchase a Jabra music product.

The strategy was based on three key insights:

  • 65% of online shoppers read product reviews and ratings before making a purchase. So it is critical to establish a footprint of positive product reviews for consumers whom either are researching the category, conducting product comparisons or reacting to seeing brand communications material to ensure the brand/product becomes part of their product consideration and purchase decision making.
  • 76% of consumers trust blogs, communities, forums and reviews more than ads in the media, therefore review content plays an important role within the communications mix in terms of creating influence to shape a positive brand/product perception.
  • 92% cite that WOM (Word Of Mouth) online is the best source for researching new products‘ providing the insight that social media and creating product oriented social buzz is vital to create influence.


Creation of a brand/product reviewer network and a footprint of positive reviews, seeded and syndicated online to help consumers gain reassurance to consider and purchase Jabra Stereo products.


Digital Strategy, Social Media, Influencer, Review Content.