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Rolls Royce De-rate Animation –
Enhanced Content For Improved Engagement


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Transform the way the Rolls-Royce Flight Operations Support Team presents Derate-FOST to their customers to communicate the product and commercial benefits of using Climb Derate. A highly technical subject matter, previously the Flight Ops team used a cluttered and complex Powerpoint Presentation to convey the core messages.


Creation of a suite of animated videos used by Rolls-Royce to enable Flight Ops to communicate the intricacies of Climb Derate to educate their customers (commercial airlines and their pilots) to make subtle adjustments to flight and operations, optimizing use of their Rolls-Royce engines, to deliver substantial savings. Content created for global use at events and conferences – English and Mandarin variants produced.


Enhanced quality content, more professional presentations, improved audience engagement and understanding of Rolls-Royce product and commercial benefits. Creating a suite of animations gave the Flight Ops client the flexibility to tailor the presentation based on the audience and enabling them run the sessions with more time to react and respond to audience requirements rather than get bogged down in the detailed explanations.


Design, Content Creation, Video, Animation.