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Rolls-Royce Heritage Flight App –
Taking To The Skies with the Rolls-Royce Mk XIX Spitfire


Digital Creative Agency.


Develop a dedicated app to showcase the Rolls-Royce Mk XIX Spitfire to be used at airshows as a download for event spectators and VIP chalet guests. The role of the app is to leverage the Mk XIX Spitfire displaying at all the leading airshows to communicate the remarkable history of Rolls-Royce manufacturing the iconic Merlin engine within the most iconic of WWII aircraft and to showcase their latest technology to the aviation business.


Creation of the Rolls-Royce Mk XIX Spitfire Heritage Flight app on the Amigo App Platform featuring exclusive content based around the Rolls-Royce’s Mk XIX Spitfire event appearances and displays. Content includes interactive Spitfire info, pilot biogs, history of the Mk XIX Spitfire, calendar of events and dates where the Mk XIX Spitfire will be displaying, news, galleries featuring Spitfire images and videos, information on the latest technologies from Rolls-Royce and display animations so you can relive the Rolls-Royce Mk XIX Spitfire airshow display on your smartphone or tablet.


Launch of a content rich app to leverage Rolls-Royce’s credentials as a pioneer of the aviation business (past and present).


App, CMS, App Platform, Content Marketing.