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Rolls-Royce Ribbon Animations –
Taking Display Ribbons To The Next Dimension


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Ribbon diagrams are tools used by aerobatic teams to plan and manage their displays – whether as kneeboards to act as visual prompts when in flight, to brief the flight authorities or simply to demonstrate their displays to spectators. Traditionally ribbon diagrams have been one-dimensional sketches that don’t convey any depth or dynamism. Our challenge was to enhance the visual appeal of the Rolls-Royce ribbon diagrams to launch a best in market product, both as a visually enhanced tool and as content to demonstrate the skill and quality of the Heritage Flight team’s displays.


Create 3D ribbons diagrams by producing each display as a digital 3D wireframe model. This approach enabled us to design different backgrounds to reflect different display venues and rotate the perspective to give top down (God’s eye) view, crowd view and display views. Each display was then rendered out as a hi-res visual and as an animated video with a 3D replica of the Rolls-Royce Mk XIX Spitfire flying the displays to SFX and commentary VO.


The new ribbon diagrams have been extremely well received by the Client and the Display / Aviation Community as a best in market product.


Design, 3D Modeling, Content Creation, Video, Animation.