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StreetInvest Social Strategy –
Driving Charity Donations Online


Digital Strategic Consultancy.


Develop a digital strategy for StreetInvest, the charity who’s vision is for every street child to have an adult in their lives so that their rights, needs and potential can be fulfilled.


Define the role of the website and social media as part of the overall charity communications output and get the charity to adopt a commercial mindset to driving donations through digital channels. Our mantra is “think like a retailer/etailer” in terms of maximizing engagement online as a channel to drive donations. Our strategic consultancy spanned optimization of the Streetinvest website in terms of content, user experience and funnel performance & for donor conversion. We also created the framework of their social media strategy to drive advocacy and involvement.


Change of culture in terms of utilisation of digital as a donations as well as comms channel. Measured by increased conversion to donation and increased donation revenue.


Digital Strategy, Website Optimisation, Consultancy, Charity.