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Kia Digital Dealership –
Joining up the dots to deliver a fully connected purchase journey


We have developed a “digital dealership” strategy to join the dots and connect the buyer journey to optimise the experience and effectiveness of the digital dealership.


Car buyers spend 2.7 months researching online.  95% of millennials research mostly online and 75% of car buyers did their research online.  So huge opportunity to funnel buyers from web research phase to the dealership and (most importantly) capture the data and insights derived from search and browsing behaviour to understand preferences and motivations to purchase to aid the dealer sales process.


  • Map the customer journey in and out of dealership
  • Demonstrate how we connect the digital and dealership environments together
  • Define how we optimise communications through the path to purchase
  • Deliver the UX and technology
  • From banners to beacons – Establish a connected consumer experience and meaningful ‘digital value exchange‘.


  • Drop code into (tracking code to join up mobile with the web).
  • Encourage car ‘customisation’ and download of your custom vehicle to your mobile (I.e. Purpose to take to dealership + incorporate test drive booking details).
  • App downloaded.
  • When in dealership the app talks to:
    • the digital displays (I.e. Digital showroom fixtures) to deliver contextualised product messages based on vehicle and finance preferences.
    • dealer sales manager iPad to inform the dealer staff of the target customers preferences to purchase so they can engage informed and relevantly.
    • Note – opportunity that the data taken all the way through this journey can go full circle and then inform online ad and content delivery.


Metadata: Strategy, Digital Retail, Digital Transformation, Joined Up Path To Purchase, Innovation.