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Jockey Club Digital Guest Experience –
Technology Enhancing the Guest Experience at Sandown Park


Digital Consultancy.


Develop a strategy to inform the introduction of technology and digital techniques at Sandown Park to deliver a best-in-class Guest Experience across all facets of the target audience journeys pre, during and post event/venue attendance.


  • Define target audience types & preferences and map guest journeys through all Sandown Park touch points pre, during and post event day – including physical venue based touch-points, technology/installations and digital platforms such as the web and mobile that play integral roles in terms of guest engagement to establish a connected guest experience.
  • Map touch-point, engagement & action opportunities, as well as define what content will be harnessed or created to activate the day or provide the guest with a valued utility, experience, entertainment or reward.
  • Define relevant technologies such Bluetooth, NFC, iBeacons, software, display fixture/hardware and payment solution recommendations to be implemented across the venue (based on the optimised guest journeys). i.e. define technologies, specifications, placement points and installation methods and content delivery / guest engagement.


Delivery of a coherent strategy and methodology for identifying the right technology to be implemented at Sandown Park demonstrating the marketing and commercial benefits for launch.


Metadata: Consultancy, Strategy, Digital Retail, Digital Transformation, Guest Experience, Innovation.