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Digital Value Exchange

Ensuring digital delivers real value – our Digital Value Exchange tool.

It is our belief that any digital activity must deliver value to both the brand and the user/consumer. We call this the “digital value exchange”.

We initially designed the Digital Value Exchange tool for digital retail, but we think it applies to any form of digital activity, to plan and interrogate its feasibility and impact.

In the context of brand marketing, consumers reside in congested, time-poor and task-oriented environments. They are becoming increasingly sophisticated, discerning and selective so won’t tolerate irrelevant interruption or obstruction. Any inclusion of digital experiences must enhance, help, reward or deliver a brand experience. If not, the risk is brand dissonance.

Using the Digital Value Exchange tool, our process is to interrogate brand (in terms of what is expected or is it simply on brand or not?), the channel (can the activity exist there with purpose and impact?), the consumer (how will the consumer accept or respond – will it drive awareness, interest, desire or action?).

If there is no “digital value exchange”, the campaign idea or strategy should be questioned, or in the context of digital retail it shouldn’t have a role within the consumer journey or path to purchase.

Anything we do in a digital context must be “meaningful” to bypass the communications clutter. So defining “meaningful” and “digital value exchange” is the fundamental start point. How does both the brand and consumer benefit? And is there a meaningful value exchange in terms the activity delivering a compelling experience, utility or value?

Digital Value Exchange tool:

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