Procurement in another dimension

While procurement and supply chains may not be considered glamorous by many, they hold great importance for big enterprises.

HICX is a company that focuses on simplifying the procurement process. Through their digital solutions, they enable businesses to become more reliable, flexible, and scalable. However, what sets them apart is their approach. Their solutions are not centered around the enterprise, but rather around the supplier.

Both sides often experience daily frustrations such as communication breakdowns, navigation difficulties, and unreliable supplier data.

Think of HICX as a procurement dating software that helps build strong supplier-buyer relationships.

Role and services

  • Social media campaigns
  • Product launch digital campaigns
  • Content creation

A single portal for all your suppliers has landed 

HICX has developed a new portal, which offers a dashboard for account management, data visibility, and task management, all accessible through a single sign-on experience. This product aims to simplify every aspect of the supplier journey, and all it required was an effective campaign.

To support a procurement event, a three-week turnaround was allocated for creating social media posts, emails, and billboards at Amsterdam's train station and Schiphol airport. The objective was to secure at least ten large enterprises as customers for HICX's new product.

Procurement in a smoother, more enjoyable dimension 

SXP is a portal that offers a unique and enjoyable experience in procurement and supplier relations.

So, why not actually take them there?

We created a concept called Frixionless Planet, a world where the supply chain operates smoothly, dashboards become springboards, and gravity is non-existent.

To bring this other-worldly experience to life, we incorporated HICX brand elements and used tech-inspired colors of blue and green. We designed long snake-like elements and orbs that, when combined with a 10-second animation, provide the viewer with the full HICX experience.
We also developed a simple messaging matrix consisting of bold statements to transport the audience to this dimension of fluidity.

The result: 3 interchangeable backgrounds and a comprehensive messaging matrix.

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